Virtua Tennis 2009 for Xbox 360 Review

July 19, 2009

It’s been quite a while since I’ve spent an entire afternoon at the local arcade, but I do remember that Virtua Tennis was one of the more popular games at the time. Sure, I could empty out a roll of quarters with Street Fighter or Daytona USA, but Virtua Tennis offered the best tennis experience. […]

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Samsung SyncMaster P2370 Slim LCD Review

July 12, 2009

Not everyone needs an LCD monitor is that is chocked full of additional features. You may not need to have a set of integrated speakers. Maybe you don’t want to have a USB hub or a wide range of input/output options. You just want something that looks slick and does its job well. If that’s […]

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Pure Digital Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review

July 4, 2009

Years and years ago, I remember when my dad bought our family’s first camcorder. It was quite the premium product at the time, especially since we opted for the Sony Handycam. After taxes, an extra battery, and a couple of tapes, we racked up a bill of about $1,000. Thankfully, recording video on the fly […]

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Epson WorkForce 600 MFP Review

June 12, 2009

One of the simplest and easiest ways that you can be more efficient with your home office is to amalgamate the functionality of several devices into a single product. This is usually a good way to save money too, since these multi-purpose products are usually cheaper than the sum of their parts. Although the brand […]

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Seagate FreeAgent Theater Review

June 9, 2009

However you choose to acquire these files, there is a good chance that you have a variety of multimedia content on your computer. You enjoy looking at all of those photos you take with your digital camera. You enjoy listening to your ever-expanding collection of MP3 songs. You’ll watch a range of movies and television […]

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YUBZ Talk Bluetooth Headset Review

June 7, 2009

When you look at the market for Bluetooth headsets, you’ll notice that most manufacturers follow a very similar aesthetic. You get a relatively small headset that either goes into your ear or is held in place with some sort of ear loop. By and large, these companies are working to make their headsets as small […]

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