YUBZ Talk Bluetooth Headset Review


When you look at the market for Bluetooth headsets, you’ll notice that most manufacturers follow a very similar aesthetic. You get a relatively small headset that either goes into your ear or is held in place with some sort of ear loop. By and large, these companies are working to make their headsets as small and efficient as possible. Yubz is not one of these companies.

In sharp contrast to the rest of the market, Yubz is not at all interested in the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s executives. Yubz is not at all interested in creating the smallest Bluetooth headset on the planet. Instead, it seems that they are much more interested in slowing down that pace and building a larger handheld Bluetooth headset. And this is where the YUBZ Talk Bluetooth comes into play.

Why You Busy?

The tagline for YUBZ is “Why You Busy?” With most standard Bluetooth headsets, people simply do not have the time to pick up their actual cellular phones. This is particularly pressing given the recent bylaws and restrictions that have been placed on cell phone use while driving. YUBZ completely counters this culture, because the YUBZ Talk is a throwback to old school landline phones.


The main YUBZ Talk product is a wired solution, complete with the coiled cable that you may experience with generic landline wired telephones. The version that I have here does its thing through Bluetooth, but the idea is fundamentally the same: Moms and grandpas can have the familiar experience of picking up a bigger handset and talking as normal.

With both the wired and Bluetooth editions of the YUBZ Talk, you are significantly reducing the amount of cellular radiation blasting through your skull. The retro style is meant to be both chic and harm-reducing.