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Welcome to The TechZone. Since 1998, The TechZone has been the place to come for the very latest in computer and hardware reviews. Founded by super blogger, John Chow, The TechZone is in a unique position among tech sites. For one thing, this site doesn’t need to make any money to run. Our founder funds this site from his vast empire.

John Chow
John Chow – Our Founder, Chief Editor and The Greatest Blogger In The World

Because we don’t rely on advertising dollars, we are completely honest in our reviews. If it sucks, we will say so. We don’t care what the manufacturers think because unlike most of the tech sites out there, we are not on their payroll. In fact, we don’t care what anyone thinks, including you.

This kind of attitude may get us into trouble from time to time but it also makes us unique and it’s also a reason you’ll want to read us. In fact, you should considered yourself blessed to be in our presences.

We welcome your feedback. If you have something to say to us, feel free to contact us.