Pure Digital Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review

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Years and years ago, I remember when my dad bought our family’s first camcorder. It was quite the premium product at the time, especially since we opted for the Sony Handycam. After taxes, an extra battery, and a couple of tapes, we racked up a bill of about $1,000. Thankfully, recording video on the fly is a lot more affordable and a lot more pocket-friendly these days.

Pure Digital introduced the world to affordable and simple movie-making with the first Flip Ultra and now they have expanded the line substantially. One of the newest additions to the line is the Flip UltraHD. As its name implies, you get (720p) HD video out of this pocket-sized camcorder.

New Specs, Same Outside

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This isn’t the first HD camcorder to come out of Pure Digital, as you may already know. They introduced the Flip MinoHD some time ago and it was great that you could get HD-quality video out of something that small. Unfortunately, the screen was a little too small and the memory topped out at one hour.

With the Flip UltraHD, you get the slightly larger form factor of the original Flip Ultra, but many of the specs have been bumped. For starters, you get a bigger 2.0″ display. The memory has also been bumped up to 8GB, giving you enough room for 120 minutes of HD video. That’s pretty impressive.

Other specs include Flip Video Engine 3.5, 30fps progressive scan, 9.0Mbps average bitrate, H.264 video compression, MP4 file format, automatic white balance, automatic exposure control, f/2.4 fixed focus, built-in speaker, tripod mount, and HDMI output.