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  • TrendNet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader Review

    I’ve covered a couple of TrendNet Wireless-N routers here in the past and each one seemed to improve on its predecessor just a little. The interesting thing is that for this time around, TrendNet didn’t decide to send us a Wireless N router, per se. Instead, they sent us the TrendNet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader. What […]

  • Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution Review

    I’ve generally enjoyed the assortment of accessories provided by Logitech. From the awesome (albeit expensive) diNovo Edge keyboard to the diminutive VX Nano wireless mouse, Logitech has always been able to deliver the goods. One of their most recent offerings is the Logitech MX 5500 Desktop Revolution, a kit that includes both a wireless mouse […]

  • Second Generation MS Zune Review

    For whatever reason, Canada was passed up for the first-generation Microsoft Zune. Even through they’re a little late to the party, Canadians will soon be welcomed to the social, right alongside their neighbors to the south. The second-generation Microsoft Zune, which has been selling in the United States for a few months now, is available […]

  • Thecus N3200 NAS Review

    There are a lot of network attached storage (NAS) solutions available on the market today as it becomes more accessible and user friendly for the masses.  It wasn’t that long ago that hooking up a hard drive to your network meant that you’re either incredibly tech saavy or you had to bother someone you knew […]

  • Flip Mino Review

    Pure Digital’s newest addition to the Flip family of digital camcorders is the Flip Mino . The Mino is 40% smaller than the old Flip Ultra and looks a lot better as well. Available in black or white, the Mino easily fits into any shirt pocket and is ready to shot videos at a moment’s […]

  • The Invisible Shield Review

    At over $2,000, Apple’s new Macbook Pro is a fairly expensive piece of hardware. I’m sure owners would hate to see any scratches on its slick aluminum body. This is where the Invisible Shield comes in. The Invisible Shield is a skin of virtually indestructible film that will protect your MacBook Pro (or any other […]