Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution Review

Logitech MX5500

I’ve generally enjoyed the assortment of accessories provided by Logitech. From the awesome (albeit expensive) diNovo Edge keyboard to the diminutive VX Nano wireless mouse, Logitech has always been able to deliver the goods. One of their most recent offerings is the Logitech MX 5500 Desktop Revolution, a kit that includes both a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard. Oh, and they operate off a Bluetooth connection.

Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Mouse

If the mouse that comes as part of the Logitech MX 5500 Desktop Revolution looks familiar, that’s because it’s nearly identical to the award-winning Logitech MX Revolution laser mouse that was released some time ago. The key difference is that they have replaced the propriety 2.4GHz wireless connection with a standard Bluetooth 2.0 connection.

Logitech MX5500

Outside of the switch to Bluetooth, the features on the MX Revolution mouse are pretty much the same. I’ve said before that this is easily the most comfortable mouse I have ever used and I maintain that claim. It’s definitely a little larger than most other mice on the market, but this adds to the comfort level. I also enjoy the “revolutionary” scroll wheel, because you can quickly switch between click-to-click scrolling and the free spinning wheel. The second “scroll wheel” is still here, located where your thumb would rest. This is for the document flip function in Windows Vista.

The trouble with the MX Revolution is that it is not leftie friendly whatsoever. If you happen to be left-handed, you will have to look elsewhere. It’s unlikely that Logitech will create a leftie version of mouse any time soon, especially since they haven’t done it already. (The original MX has been out for a long time now.)

There’s absolutely nothing innovative about this mouse, so if you are only interested in the mouse part of the package, you’re better off buying the original MX Revolution. It used to be $99, but you can sometimes find it on sale for as low as $50. Compare that to the $170 asking price for the MX5500 Desktop Revolution set.

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