YUBZ Talk Bluetooth Headset Review

by Michael Kwan on June 7, 2009

Charging through a Phone Port?


Remember when I said how the charging cable looked more like a telephone cord? There’s a reason for that. The way that you charge the YUBZ Talk Bluetooth headset is through a port that looks just like a regular landline phone cord. This continues with the retro approach of YUBZ.

This is neat, I suppose, but they did not provide any way to manage the rubber covering for the power port. It’s far too easy to lose this rubber cover while charging. It would have been better if the rubber cover was a “flap” rather than a removable piece.

Bluetooth Pairing and Range


Pairing the YUBZ Talk with a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone is about as straightforward as any other Bluetooth headset. You put the YUBZ in discoverable mode, search for it using your phone’s Bluetooth menu, and enter the default passcode.

In terms of call quality and range, I was reasonably happy with what YUBZ was able to offer. Voice quality, particularly for my voice going to the person on the other end of the line, was quite good. This is largely because the microphone is so much closer to my mouth than with smaller Bluetooth headsets. Range was comparable, so I could place my phone on the window sill (for optimal signal) and place the YUBZ anywhere else in the room.

It would be neat if the YUBZ Talk had a smaller display for caller ID, since that would give it a cordless phone-like functionality. Alas, it does not.

Ringer, Volume, and Connection Controls


The controls are located along the inner side of the headset. There is a slider at the top for turning the device off and choosing between having or not having it ring when a call comes in. If you’re close enough to your cell phone, there really is no sense in having both devices go ballistic on your eardrum.

Below this is the button for answering the call and then two additional buttons (on a rocker) for adjusting the volume. This is all quite standard and straightforward, but I found the buttons to feel very cheap. The hard plastic with the harsh “clacking” made for a less than ideal user experience. I would have preferred better quality materials and a “softer” feel.

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