YUBZ Talk Bluetooth Headset Review

by Michael Kwan on June 7, 2009

What’s Included with the Headset?


Along with the YUBZ Talk Bluetooth headset itself and a little bit of supporting documentation, the only other thing that you’ll find inside the plastic tube packaging is the wall charging cable. There’s nothing too out of the ordinary here, except that the charger looks more like a telephone wire than a charging cable.

First Impressions

There’s no denying that YUBZ has taken a very unique approach to the world of Bluetooth headsets. Rather than increasing the level of convenience and utility, rather than advancing our need for noise cancellation and other similar technologies, YUBZ is going in the completely opposite direction with a retro-styled headset.


There is a definite market for retro-themed products and one of their bigger selling points is usually an improved choice of materials and a heightened sense of build quality. This is not the case with the YUBZ Talk. It feels very cheap in the hand, using the same kind of plastic that you’d find on a $10 generic landline telephone. I expected better quality than this.

I’m personally not a fan of the idea of using an old school-looking phone as an extension of my cell phone, since it really doesn’t add anything in terms of convenience or practicality, but I can appreciate how some people may be interested in that.

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