Why I Won’t Be Getting The New Macbooks

Apple Macbooks

Last month, Apple gave the world an update to the Macbook and Macbook Pro. Like many of you, I watched the live broadcast as Steve unveiled his latest and greatest to the world. My first impressions were the new Macbooks were awesome and that I should head down to the local Apple store and pick up one of each. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that the new Macs really aren’t all that.

While Apple has done a great job creating a Mini Pro out of the 13″ Macbook, they have purposely crippled it by removing the Firewire and gimping the display. The Firewire I can do without since I don’t have many Firewire hardware. On the other hand, gimping the display is unforgivable. You would think the 13″ display would be the same quality as the 15.4″ display. Both are LED backlit with similar specs. However, one look at the Macbook and Macbook Pro side by side and the difference in display quality is like night and day. While Apple may have made the Macbook look like the Pro, the display is still playing in the minor leagues. No sale.

The new Macbook Pro is near perfect except for one thing. And that one thing is going to keep me from buying it. Why Apple went with a glossy display is beyond me. Yes, it may look nice and pretty in the Apple store but the glare coming off that screen gets a no sale. I hope Apple will introduce a Macbook Pro with a matte screen soon. Until then, my old Macbook Pro and Macbook Air will do just fine.