Virtua Tennis 2009 for Xbox 360 Review

Despite the lack of complete licensing, the developers have included no fewer than 40 different courts from around the world. You travel from Vancouver to Dubai, the Gold Coast (Australia) to Tokyo.

Each venue has a slightly different feel and look, but the gameplay (aside from the surface) is largely unaffected. The only “real” licensed tournament in this game is the Davis Cup.

Embarking on a World Tour

Speaking of international travel, the “main” game mode is the World Tour. You can think of this as a career mode wherein you create your own player, build up your skills and abilities, and rise through the rankings by winning tournaments.

The player creation tool is seriously lacking, since all created male faces will look largely the same (and all females also look very similar). Superficially, you can move the position and size of facial features, but they all still look the same to me. I could not recreate Michael Chang for the life of me.