Virtua Tennis 2009 for Xbox 360 Review

Same Great Gameplay Mechanics

If you’re looking for Sumo Digital and Sega to bring something novel to the franchise in terms of gameplay, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. By and large, the way that you play Virtua Tennis 2009 will be nearly identical to how you played the first Virtua Tennis.

The left analog stick controls the movement of your player and the face buttons provide three different types of strokes: top spin, slice, and lob. Serving consists of timing two button presses, trying to maximize your power at the peak of the meter. There really is very little that has changed in this respect… and that’s a good thing, I think.

Real Courts and Tournaments (Sort Of)

The licensing for Virtua Tennis 2009 is certainly hit and miss. You can very much tell that you are hitting up many of the major venues from around the world. When you go to England, you can tell that the grass court belongs to Wimbledon. However, it is listed in the game as the London Tennis Club. Similarly, Flushing Meadows for the US Open is listed as the New York Tennis Club.