Second Generation MS Zune Review

by Michael Kwan on January 9, 2009

Technical Specifications for Zune 80

MS Zune

The user interface, features, and functionality between the three current versions of the Microsoft Zune are all identical. There are really only three main differences between the Zune 80GB compared to the Zune 4/8GB. First, the former is physically bigger, offering a larger display to boot. Second, the Zune 80GB has, well, 80GB of storage, compared to the 4GB and 8GB found on the other two models. Third, the Zune 80GB uses a hard drive, whereas the latter models use Flash-based memory.

The feature set on the Microsoft Zune 80GB won’t blow anyone out of the water, but it’s easily good enough to compete against the other iPod competitors on the market.

  • Capacity: 80 gigabytes
  • Color: Black (the Zune 4/8GB come in different colors)
  • Size: 61.1 mm x 108.2 mm x 12.9 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces (128 grams)
  • Battery: Up to 30 hours music, 4 hours video
  • Screen: 3.2-inch color display, scratch-resistant glass
  • Resolution: 320 pixels x 240 pixels
  • Audio Support: WMA, WMA Lossless, AAC (without FairPlay DRM), MP3
  • Picture Support: JPG
  • Video Support: WMV, MP4/M4V, H.264, DVR-MS
  • Video Output: composite via headphone jack, composite and component via Zune Dock (sold separately)
  • Wireless: 802.11b/g compatible up to 30 feet
  • Wireless file sharing and sync
  • Authentication modes: Open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2
  • Encryption modes: WEP 64- and 128-bit, TKIP, and AES
  • Built-in FM radio

In terms of what is included in the box, you get your usual USB synchronization cable and headphones, but it should be noted that these are premium in-ear headphones and they are of much better quality than what you would normally find with most MP3 players. The three sizes of foam ear inserts are particularly impressive. It’s also quite nice that the earbuds themselves are magnetic, attaching to one another when not in use.

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