Seagate FreeAgent Theater Review

by Michael Kwan on June 9, 2009

Video Quality and Menu Interface

The best possible video output from this media player is through a component video connection, but Seagate does not provide you with component cables. Instead, the only video cables that are bundled inside are composite.


In trying both a composite and a component video connection, I could definitely tell a difference in quality, even when watching the same video files. The quality of the clips was about the same as you would get from a regular DVD, assuming that your video files offer that kind of quality.

The menu is simple enough to navigate. From the home screen, you choose between either the FreeAgent Go or the external storage (USB) as the source. From there, you can navigate to your chosen files.

It is also possible to move horizontally through the menu, limiting the visible files based on type. This way, your music files don’t clutter up your video files and vice versa. A neat feature is that the video file will begin to autoplay in a small window, giving you a preview of the content within.

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