Samsung SyncMaster P2370 Slim LCD Review

by Michael Kwan on July 12, 2009

Colors, Contrast, and Viewing Angles

p2370 (5)

So, how does the Samsung P2370 LCD stack up in terms of performance? Compared to other widescreen LCD monitors, I’d say that it’s somewhere in the middle of the road. It’s nowhere near being among the top-tier monitors on the market, but it’s a definite step up from the bargain basement screens you may find too.

Color reproduction is solid, but some of the contrast can appear to be washed out at times. With some time fumbling around in the options and setting just the right configuration may be able to overcome these concerns. You’ll have to adjust the settings to best suit your particular environment.

p2370 (6)

The text is crisp and, if you want to dial it up, the highest brightness setting will have no trouble dealing with direct sunlight and other sources of light that may compete with your usability. In watching a handful of videos and playing a couple of games, I didn’t notice anything notable in terms of motion blurring or dropped frames, though hardcore PC gamers may see otherwise.

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