Samsung SyncMaster P2370 Slim LCD Review

by Michael Kwan on July 12, 2009

Slim in More Ways than One

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When you take the rote of producing one of the thinnest LCDs on the market, you have to expect that certain sacrifices will have to be made. As I mentioned earlier, the Samsung P2370 doesn’t have the same bells and whistles that you may expect from other monitors. There are no built-in speakers, USB hubs, or any of that jazz. You get a thin monitor and that’s about it.

The slim pickings, so to speak, extend to the back of the monitor as well. You’ll notice that Samsung has decided on DVI as the only input method. You probably won’t be using a VGA connection, but it would have been nice to see HDMI support perhaps. This is meant to be a 16:9 multimedia monitor, after all.

You see, the goal is that the P2370 can take up as little space as possible, fitting on the smallest of desks without taking up too much room. That’s priority number one for this product. At least you get a true HD picture.

Say Hello to Starlight Touch

p2370 (4)

One thing that you have to hand to Samsung is that they know how to produce some rather stylish-looking products. The glossy piano black finish of their monitors (and HDTVs) has become quite the signature look, as well as the “Touch of Color” approach for a dual-layered finish.

Further to this sense of style and fashion is the inclusion of Starlight Touch. Rather than using physical buttons to adjust the contrast and navigate through the sleek on-screen menu interface, you are provided with a series of touch-sensitive controls that are embedded in the glossy bezel. These light up as needed, disappearing behind the bezel when no longer in use.

The responsiveness of these controls isn’t quite as good as physical buttons, but this is all about having a sense of style, right? They work — don’t get me wrong — but I may have been more partial to physical buttons along the side edge. But that’s just me.

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