Pure Digital Flip UltraHD Camcorder Review

by Michael Kwan on July 4, 2009

Flipping Out with HDMI

fliphd (6)

The Flip UltraHD still boasts that characteristic “flip out” USB connector on the side. Pushing out this USB connector, you’ll have no problem charging the battery and uploading videos to your computer. The FlipShare software is built into the Flip as well, so you can use that to make movies, transfer video files, and so on.

You’ll also notice that there is an HDMI connector on the side, but this is a mini-HDMI port rather than a standard one. In this way, you still need to get a special cable if you want to output your video directly to your HDTV. Why wasn’t this cable included?

fliphd (8)

In terms of video quality, the 720p 30fps video is a substantial step up from the standard definition video you found on the old Flip and on many point-and-shoot cameras.

It’s not up to par with more expensive “real” camcorders, but it’s still pretty good. Lowlight quality has been improved and the mic is great even for noisy environments. Macro focus is still quite poor, however, and you’ll find that many outdoor videos can come out looking quite dim.


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