NZXT Cryo S Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review

by Michael Kwan on August 2, 2009

Fan Control and Two-Port USB Hub

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Sweeping around to the back of the notebook cooler, we find a simple set of ports and dials. The USB port on the far left is meant to connect to your computer so that the two-port USB hub on the right can be used for flash drives and other peripherals. Power will always come by way of the DC outlet, but you can choose between USB or wall power out of that outlet.

The dial on the far right is there so that you can adjust the speed of the pair of 120mm fans. In this way, you can crank up the speed when you feel that you’ll be doing higher performance tasks and need a higher level of cooling. Alternatively, you can turn it down when such a need is not as necessary.

Personally, I found the noise difference to be so minimal, so you might as well have it cranked up all the way all the time anyway. I also would have heavily preferred if this dial were located on the side rather than the back; that’s just more accessible.

Ergonomic Typing Angle

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As an added bonus, the NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler also elevates your laptop as to provide a more ergonomic typing angle. This makes for a more comfortable typing experience and it elevates the display slightly as to reduce the amount of eye strain.

This is at a fixed height, however, so if you find that this particular angle is uncomfortable for you, you’re pretty much out of luck. Having an adjustable height makes a world of difference for a notebook stand, but the Cryo S is a cooler first and foremost.

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