Logitech Z Cinema Home Theater Speaker Review

by Michael Kwan on January 14, 2009

Sound Quality: Stereo and Surround

Logitech Z Cinema

At $300, I expected a pretty stellar aural experience. While the sound quality offered by the Logitech Z Cinema is heads and shoulders above the speakers that come for free with most desktop systems, they are not as good as other comparably-priced aftermarket speakers.

Even if you are not listening to something in surround, I highly recommend that you keep the SRS TruSurround HD activated. Without it, the sound is very hollow and terribly dissatisfying. When listening to music (I tried a number of genres), the bass was crisp and the highs were clear, but the mid-range was lacking. Even if SRS activated, the sound was not as “clean” as I had hoped.

When trying to watch a movie in virtual 5.1 mode, I could detect some phantom sounds coming from behind me, but it was nowhere near the same experience as you would have with even a “real” budget 5.1 system. If you want surround, you’ll need physical speakers behind you.


I’m normally a pretty big fan of what Logitech has to offer. I like their computer mice, webcams, and other peripherals. They’ve also done a reasonably good job with budget speakers, but I feel that they dropped the ball on this premium virtual surround sound home theater speaker system.

It might sound like a lot to spend $300 on what is really a 2.1 speaker system, but if the sound quality is stellar, I’d be able to justify that price point. The Logitech Z Cinema is not stellar. It’s not even great. The added size doesn’t really come with added thump and the aural experience leaves me looking for something better. Realistically, you’re better off buying a $100-$200 5.1 speaker system than wasting your money on this overpriced and quirky system.

Real Time Price

The Good

  • Bass is crisp and clean
  • Very attractive looking unit with hidden amber display
  • Full digital sound that bypasses sound card
  • Media Center controls

The Bad

  • Way too expensive for what it is
  • Virtual surround sound is less than spectacular
  • Audio quality is not where it should be
  • No physical controls on speakers themselves

Rating: 6.5/10

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