Let’s Tap for Nintendo Wii Review

by Michael Kwan on July 28, 2009


Although I don’t see myself playing Let’s Tap in the long run, I do have to hand it to Sega for giving us a new and innovative way to play. Every other Wii casual game got us to wave the Wii Remote around in some fashion, so it was interesting to get a wholly new experience with Let’s Tap.

The innovation is nice, but the mini-games don’t have any kind of lasting appeal. The graphics are bright and vibrant, but remarkably simple. You have to realize that Let’s Tap is meant to be an easy-to-play party game, first and foremost, and not something that you’ll be playing again and again.

That said, Let’s Tap is listed at about thirty bucks, so it won’t break the bank to get your non-gaming friends to give the Wii a try. The barrier to entry is very low and its inherent simplicity will attract people who may not otherwise be interested in gaming.

The Good

  • Innovative new gameplay mechanic
  • Simple and intuitive for non-gamers
  • Bargain-minded pricing

The Bad

  • Complete and utter lack of depth
  • No lasting value whatsoever
  • Graphics lack personality and detail
  • Not enough mini-games

Rating: 6.5/10

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