Let’s Tap for Nintendo Wii Review

by Michael Kwan on July 28, 2009

Bubble Voyager Enters Space Battle

Take a space hero and put him through a series of space battle stages. While it takes on the appearance of a classic side-scroller or platformer, you don’t want to hit the bottom of this stage. The goal is to get to the right end of the stage and you do this by floating your way across the level.

Light and hard taps correspond to smaller and bigger boosts in vertical propulsion. As you progress through the stage, you try to collect the stars while avoiding the obstacles. The controls aren’t the best, but they’re really simple.

Visualizer Prepared Five Ways

The fifth and final game mode isn’t really a game at all. It’s more of a minor distraction where you can “create stunning visuals.” There are five modes here: Fireworks, Paint, River, Gem Game, and Ink. By tapping, you get the fireworks to explode and you splash ink across the screen. No points, no objectives.

The only mode that approximates a “game” is the Gem Game. When you tap, the balls bounce up into the air and you try to get them to land in the tubes.

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