Kingston 8GB microSDHC Mobility Kit Review

by Michael Kwan on May 5, 2009

What’s Included in the Kit?


The Kingston memory card and adapter kit is fairly comprehensive. In addition to the 8GB microSDHC card itself, you get an adapter to use the memory card as a miniSD card, an adapter for using it as a regular SD (SDHC) card, and a USB card reader.

The card reader is really small and it’s nice how they included a very small string lanyard, in case you want to carry it around on a keychain or inside your backpack.

Adapting to MiniSD and Full-Size SD Formats


Before microSD cards hit the scene, the smallest memory card that you could find was the miniSD format. By and large, the industry has abandoned this “in between” memory card size, since it doesn’t really offer any kind of advantage over the two alternatives.

That said, there are still a few handhelds and cell phones out there that use this format. If you’re still rocking a mobile phone with a miniSD slot, you may find that it is increasingly hard to find memory cards in this size. Using the provided Kingston adapter, you effectively have a miniSD card.

As with other similar adapters, however, you should note that the microSD card is never “locked” into the miniSD adapter. It just slides in place, so be careful when removing the pair from a reader or a device.


Assuming that your computer is equipped with a suitable card reader, the full-size SD adapter for the microSD card is going to come in really handy.

The microSD card can be inserted into this adapter and easily used in a variety of SDHC-compatible devices, including portable media players and digital cameras. From there, you can take the kit and use it in a regular SD reader on your computer.

I do appreciate that the SD adapter does not require the use of the miniSD adapter as an intermediary. Some similar kits take that route and the added step just adds hassle rather than convenience.

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