High Sierra ATGO Carry-On Bag Review

by John Chow on December 18, 2010

What is a roller bag doing a review at The TechZone? Normally, when you think of tech, you don’t have an airplane carry on bag. However, the High Sierra ATGO is the perfect bag to carry all you cloths AND your tech gadget on the trip Disneyland.

What makes the High Sierra ATGO ideal for the traveling techie is the detachable gear bag. Once you get to the magic kingdom, you just unzip the gear bag from the main bag and use it to carry all your gear to the conference center. When attached together, the ATGO is considered a single bag by the airlines. This allows you to bring an additional personal item aboard the plane. If you need a lot of room, you can combine the ATGO and personal item with a Scottevest and you’ll never to have check luggage again!

High Sierra AtGO Carry-On Bag

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