CES 2012 – The Tablet Teddy Bear

Like many five year olds, Sally Chow has her own Apple iPad. What she doesn’t have (for now anyway) is a cute teddy bear to carry that iPad in. Thanks to Dean Design and its Tablet Teddy Bear, that might be changing.

Now only doe Dean make a teddy bear that holds an iPad, the company also makes a Tablet Pet Pal and a Tablet Bean Bag. The Tablet Teddy Bear was designed so that your kids can play with their Teddy Bear and at the same time explore the new revolution of kids apps (also known as time wasting games) on their ipads and tablets. Tablet Teddy Bear’s are ideal for home and traveling, be it on a road trips, cars, airplanes, outdoors, or visiting grandma and grandpa, whom I’m sure will say you’re spoiling the kids too much!