CES 2012 – Hooking Up with The Skunk Juice Booth Babes

The Skunk Juice booth at CES had a lot of hot women wearing low cut t-shirts that read “Wanna hook up?” on the back. What guy could possibly resist that kind of invitation? Unfortunately for the nerdy dudes at CES, the girls weren’t offering the kind of hook ups they were wet dreaming about.

Originally launched at CES 2011, Skunk Juice earbuds are an innovative product utilizing patented technology which carries specific current and signal through a magnetic connection in the earbud cabling. Skunk Juice offers a new way to listen to – and share – music or other digital files, and also eliminates damage to the actual earbuds and listening device. Friends can “hook up” with you by attaching their Skunk Juice to yours. For many attendees at CES, this is as close to a hook up with a hot girl that they’re ever going to get.