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  • Stupid GPS Navigation

    So I’m testing out the new Garmin nüvi 3790LMT GPS in Hawaii. What better place to test a GPS than in Hawaii? The 3790 is the world’s thinnest GPS – it looks a lot like a big iPhone 4. The unit’s performance so far has been good but there are some glitches in its navigation. […]

  • Apple Shows Off The New iPad 2

    The iPad is considered the most successful product lunch in history. So it is not a surprise (well, maybe it is) that Steve Job took a break from his medical break to announce the iPad 2 to the world. The iPad 2 goes on sale March 11 and is expect to sell out very quickly. […]

  • Steve Jobs On Dragon’s Den

    Give the record of the investors on Dragon’s Den, I’m not at all shock that they all turned down Steve’s iPad invention. Still, it’s a funny clip and worth watching, if only for a laugh.

  • Saj P Shows How Not To Do a Sale Pitch

    Saj P Shows How Not To Do a Sale Pitch

    Vancouver blogger John Chow was in Las Vegas recently to covered Affiliate Dot Com Live. He wrote a bunch of post about the conference but the one that stood out was about an affiliate marketers name Saj P. It seemed Mr. P was so unprepared for his presentation that he messed up just about everything. […]

  • Test

    This is just filler text, it is used in place of regular text to make the styles and design easier to visualize. Nunc accumsan leo eget lacus rhoncus tristique. Proin tincidunt fringilla quam hendrerit luctus. Integer vulputate nunc eget velit convallis non mollis lorem sollicitudin. Aliquam erat volutpat. Nam nisi urna, pulvinar sed auctor a, […]

  • TRENDnet Launches TV-M7 7″ Internet Photo Monitor

    TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the launch of the first-to-market 7″ Wireless Internet Camera and Photo Monitor, model TV-M7. The world’s first 7″ Wireless Internet Camera and Photo Monitor connects to your wireless network, detects wired and wireless TRENDnet Internet Security Cameras and streams camera video wirelessly in real-time. […]