Epson WorkForce 600 MFP Review

by Michael Kwan on June 12, 2009

Flatbed or Feed Scanner

As part of its multifunction nature, the Epson WorkForce 600 provides not one, but two ways for you to scan your documents. There is a feed-based scanner on the top of the printer and this is accessed by flipping a single panel. You’ll be able to feed through a stack of pages this way.

epsonwf600 (5)

Alternatively, if you are scanning a page from a book for instance, you can make use of the flatbed scanner. It’s not quite big enough to handle legal documents, but anything letter-size or smaller will suit you just fine. The scanned images can be saved on USB flash drives, memory cards, or sent directly to your Wi-Fi connected computer.

The scanner speed isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s fast enough for the casual home office user. Scans can come in your choice of color or black and white.

Print Quality and Speed

epsonwf600 (6)

Because this is an inkjet printer, it does not really come recommended to heavy users. You’ll rip through those ink cartridges like there’s no tomorrow if you happen to be printing things off on a fairly frequent basis. A (more expensive) laser printer would be more appropriate for that application.

For users who need a reliable printer but aren’t firing off stacks of documents on a daily basis will usually be satisfied with this inkjet printer. The speed isn’t quite up there with laser printers, but it’s among the faster inkjet printers on the market.

The color quality, particularly on high quality photo paper, is very impressive. If you’re looking to preserve some family memories or produce some professional-looking brochures, the WorkForce 600 will not disappoint.

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